Bombax Courier Tracking

Bombax Courier Tracking

Bombax Courier Tracking offers flexible, trustworthy, cost-effective, and reliable solutions for your local, domestic air, surface, and global tracking needs. 

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Customer Care Bombax Courier Tracking

110, Nariman Point, Raheja Centre, Mumbai (Maharashtra)- 400021. 

Phone Number: 
+91 9555684684

GST number

About Bombax Logistics Pvt LTD

Welcome to Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd, India’s leading logistics and Bombax courier tracking service provider. With a strong presence across the country. Indeed, Bombax has built a solid reputation for providing diverse dependable, and effective logistics solutions to organizations and people.

History and Background

Bombax Courier Tracking was established in 2022 by seasoned logistics professionals. Who recognize the need for a high-quality courier and logistics service in India. As well as, They saw significant demand for fast, reliable, and affordable courier services in the country. However, only a few businesses were able to achieve these requirements.

Moreover, To meet this need, the founders of Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd established a state-of-the-art logistics network that leveraged the latest technologies. And best practices in the industry. So, They invested heavily in advanced tracking and monitoring systems and specialized training for their employees.

Experienced Professionals are Bombax Forte

Unquestionably, Bombax Courier Tracking employs over 300 professionals who are trained and well-versed in logistics and supply chain management complexities. This team of experts ensures that the company’s operations run smoothly and that its clients receive the highest level of service.

Indeed, one of the major stability and soundness of Bombax Logistics and Balaji Courier is its investment in technology. The company uses advanced tracking devices equipped with GPS, GPRS, and RFID technologies, which provide real-time location updates and allow for easy monitoring of shipments. In addition, the company uses state-of-the-art software and hardware to manage its operations and offer customized solutions to clients.

Unique Features

One of Bombax Logistics and Madhur Courier Tracking’s key advantages is its innovative courier monitoring system, which allows customers to follow their packages in real time. With this system, customers can easily monitor the inventory control and the status of their possessions and receive Consultancy Services and updates on order delivery times.  And even request changes to delivery instructions if necessary.

Unquestionably, until now, The Bombax Courier tracking system has been a highly effective tool for businesses and individuals who must send packages or documents nationwide. Over time, Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd has consistently increased its capabilities and the scope of its offerings.

Finally, Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd is an established logistics firm in India. It has a solid reputation for its sophisticated courier tracking system and, most importantly, high-quality logistics services. And with its cutting-edge technologies and skilled team of professionals. For many years to come, the company will be well-positioned to fulfill the changing needs of its clients.

Company Detail Bombax Tracking

Trade Name

It is Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd

Date of Incorporation

12th -08 – 2022
PIN Codes = 15000 +

GST number


CIN Number

Determined as U60210MH2022PTC388494

Registration No

Registration Number
It is 388494


Clients = + 1000

Listed Status

Listing Status
Offices = 75


Shares limited

NIC Code

NIC code

Class of Company

Company Class


Industries Cover = 5000



Sub Category

Sub Category & Reach
It is a Non-govt co.
Countries Cover = 92 +

Taxpayer Type


Age of Company

The age of BOMBAX is 8 months and 10 days

Paid up Capital

Paid up capital

Authorized Capital

Authorized Capital
50.00 Lakhs

Business Activity

1. Land transport
2. MCA provider
3. Customized Solutions
4. Office / Sale Office
5. Custom clearance
6. Service Provision
7. Bombax Courier Tracking
8. Transport via pipelines
9. Services Supplier
10. Inventory Management
11. Factory / Manufacturing
12. Supply Chain Consultancy
13. Warehouse / Depot
14. RFID Technologies
15. Road Transportation

Core Services of Bombax Courier Tracking

Bombax Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a leading tracking and logistics company in India with a proven track record of providing reliable and cost-effective services to clients. 

Unquestionably, Bombax Logistics offers a comprehensive range of services planned to satisfy its customer’s diverse needs. Bombax has a clear focus and positive approach to technology, innovation, adaptability, and customer service. 

Courier Services: 

One of the critical services Bombax Logistics provides is its courier service. Specifically, This allows customers to send and receive packages across India and internationally quickly. To ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience, Bombax Logistics provides a user-friendly Bombax Courier tracking system. 

Customers may trace their shipments in real time as a result of this. In this article, we’ll go through the capabilities and benefits of Bombax Courier tracking in further depth. 

Tracking Services: 

The company’s core business is its tracking service, which allows consumers to observe the place and position of their order shipments in real time. This service is facilitated by GPS-enabled devices placed on the shipment. 

The precise and dependable Bombax Courier Tracking system assures clients that their parcel shipments are constantly being watched. 

Local, Domestic, Surface, Air, and International Tracking Service 

Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd, a leading logistics and warehousing company in India, offers a combination of tracking services. Its tracking services are reliable and efficient. Indeed You can enjoy domestic, local, surface, and air tracking and monitoring services through its Bombax Courier Tracking system. 

These services let customers easily track their package shipments and parcels in real-time, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind.  Now, Customers can track their order consignment shipments from when they are dispatched from the sender’s place until they are given to the receiver.

The system will display the package’s location and estimate delivery time. Customers can also receive notifications via SMS or email, keeping them informed every step of the way. 

Above all, Bombax Courier Tracking’s team of experienced logistics professionals is always available to assist customers with queries or concerns. Overall, Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd’s tracking services are a game-changer for customers in India, offering them complete visibility and control over their shipments. 

With no tolerance for mistakes or delays, the company’s cutting-edge technology guarantees that all shipments are traced in real-time. KYC is required for Bombax international tracking courier services.

Multi-modal Transportation Services

Bombax Courier and SNGT Tracking offer transportation services, including road, rail, and air transport. It enables customers to choose the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transport for their shipments.

Warehousing and Handling Services

Bombax Logistics has a great network of Franchises warehouses, booking and delivery points, and distribution centers that cover the length and breadth of the country. 

As a result, these structures are equipped with a competitive spirit, modern technologies, and qualified personnel.  Who ensure that goods are stored safely and efficiently. Bombax Courier Tracking is well-positioned by all means to continue to grow and expand its operations.

Customs Clearance: 

Bombax Courier Tracking generally provides customs clearance services that help clients navigate the complexities of customs regulations and procedures. It includes the preparation of necessary documentation and the coordination of customs inspections.

Supply Chain Consultancy

Bombax Courier and PICKRR Tracking companies offer consultancy services that help clients optimize their supply chain processes and improve efficiency. It includes the development of customized solutions to address specific client needs.


Hence Bombax is your trusted courier partner in India. We offer reliable and efficient courier services with real-time Bombax courier tracking for your convenience. With our extensive network and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure that your packages reach their destination safely and on time. 

GST Numbers of Bombax in other states.

Business Place
West Bengal
GSTIN 19AARFB8860C1Z3 State Code = 19 Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 07AARFB8860C1Z8 State Code = 07 Status = Active
Business Place
Tamil Nadu
GSTIN 33AARFB8860C1ZD State Code = 33 Status = Active
Business Place
Uttar Pradesh
GSTIN 09AARFB8860C1Z4 State Code = 09 Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 36AARFB8860C1Z7 State Code = 36 Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 27AARFB8860C1Z6 State Code = 27 Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 29AARFB8860C1Z2 State Code = 29 Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 32AARFB8860C1ZF State Code = 32 Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 08AARFB8860C1Z6 State Code = 08
Status = Active

Bombax Logistics Addresses and Contact Numbers.

Email: Or
Address: Akshay Complex, 347/A 2, Road Dhole Patil, Maharashtra, Pune, 41100
Email: Or
Address: Road Ashram, Neptune Tower 7, Ahmedabad – 380009
Address: Ramdhan Colony, Khasra No 832, Mahipalpur Extension, block K-2, Ground floor, Delhi 110037
Email;, Or
Address: Viquar Nagar, H.No:1-8-497/6/A/1, Begumpet, Pattigada, Hyderabad 500016
Email; Or
Address: Sonnappanahalli Panchayathi, Sy No.33, Office No 238, Kadaganahalli Khatha No. 844/ 238, Jala Hobli, Bangalore North
Email: Or
Address: Ascot Centre,206, Road Sahar Airport, Near Grand ITC Hotel Maratha, Mumbai Andheri (E)- 400099
Email; Or
Address: Baug No2, Shaheed Path, Behasa, Opposite showroom Jaguar, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, 226012
Email: Or
Address: Door No 62/A, Main Road Velachery, Ground Floor, Saidapet – 600015
Email: Or
Address: F-62 Door No, Bani Park, Kalidas Marg, Jaipur – 302016

Board of Directors

  1. Chaitanya Sinh (having DIN: 00176982)
  2. Faisal Siddiqui Zakaullah (having DIN: 00270990)


Bombax Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a privately-owned tracking and logistics company based in Mumbai, India. The company offers various services, including tracking, GPS use, transportation, Providing a grand warehousing network to store goods safely, inventory management, customs clearance, and supply chain consultancy.

Bombax Logistics was founded in 2022 and had been providing tracking and logistics services to clients in India ever since.

Bombax Logistics Tracking serves various industries, including manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

Bombax Logistics has a strong presence in India’s major cities, such as  Mumbai, Jaipur, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Chennai. 

Bombax Logistics uses advanced tracking devices and software to monitor real-time shipments and ensure they are delivered safely and securely. In addition, the company has a team of experienced professionals who are trained in various aspects of logistics and supply chain management. The company also strongly emphasizes compliance with customs regulations and other legal requirements.

Bombax Logistics is committed to providing its clients with reliable, efficient, cost-effective logistics and supply chain solutions that meet their needs.

Bombax Courier Tracking uses advanced technology and innovative solutions to deliver its client’s super courier and logistics services. Customer service is another key focus for the business, and experts are on hand around-the-clock to resolve any queries or issues.

Bombax Logistics is committed to maintaining the highest time-bound tracking deliveries, quality standards,  and transparency in its operations. It includes using advanced tracking technology, recruiting and training skilled professionals, and committing to continuous improvement and innovation.

Bombax Courier Tracking offers competitive service pricing, with rates based on various factors, including the mode of transport, distance, weight, and other variables.

Using Bombax Logistics’ revolutionary tracking technology, clients can track cargo inspection and follow the advancement of their packages in due time. The company provides clients with a secure online portal to monitor their shipments’ location, status, and other key information.

Bombax Logistics has more than 30 warehouses and distribution centers across India, covering more than 1.5 million square feet of storage space.

Bombax Courier Tracking serves various clients in India, including SMEs, multinational industries and corporations, Local brand companies, and government agencies. These clients come from multiple sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, retail, automotive, FMCG, etc. Bombax Logistics has a firm prestige and reputation for providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective logistics and supply chain solutions, and its client base reflects this.

Bombax Logistics prides itself on its responsive customer service, with an average response time of fewer than 30 minutes for customer inquiries. The company’s experienced professionals are available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns.

Explicitly, Bombax Courier Tracking offers shipment insurance to protect clients against failure, loss, or damage during transport. Bombax collaborates with prestigious insurance firms to provide thorough and complete coverage at affordable rates.

Bombax Logistics is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and operates a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles that comply with the latest emissions standards. The company also uses advanced routing and scheduling software to optimize its transport operations and reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Bombax Logistics has received several awards and recognition for its logistics and supply chain management excellence. These include the Indian Achievers Award for Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, the Asia-Pacific International Quality Award, and the International Star Award for Quality.

At Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd, the Pricing of local and domestic shipments is calculated based on weight, size, Speed, and Distance.  On the same day, their delivery workers will take and deliver your order shipped within 1 to 4 exact hours of your order. They will gather and drop the package off during regular business hours for deliveries made the following business day.

Transitions will be delivered within 3 to 4 regular working days for traditional bookings, according to the terminus pin code.

The pricing is based on the location pin code and weight for international shipments. Bombax Logistics Pvt Ltd uses only the top global carriers, giving carrier tracking information 6 to 4 hours after collection. For international packages or shipments, checking if the desired address is in an isolated or remote area is essential, as additional charges may apply. KYC documentation is also necessary for any foreign shipments. 

Unquestionably, we can provide bulk shipments using our commercial buses, vans, trucks, as well as temperature-controlled automobiles. Undoubtedly, to suit your demands, we provide a variety of automobiles. Email is the best way to reach us to discuss your needs.

Explicitly, we offer Corporate Rates for our everyday business clients. We’ll help you set up your business account if you contact us.

Once you place an order, any cancellation or modification will incur a cost. Please review our “refund, cancellations and modification” policy on the Bombax courier website for further details. To receive assistance, please call us at +91 9555684684.

“Secure or Reserve Your Parcel” is an insurance service that provides coverage against loss, failure, or damage to your shipment for a 2% insurance premium. 

Indeed we disclaim all liability for any spoiled or damaged items during shipping. Shortly, the responsibility lies solely with the sender. So, he must confirm that the order packaging is sufficiently durable to endure the travel.  Sending fragile or perishable, easily spoiled foods, such as fruits and cakes, is not recommended.

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