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Royal Express Tracking

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Number 77, North Okkalarpa Town, Amara Road Corner, Ward Nga, Padonmar Road Yangon, Myanmar

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About Royal Express Service

History & Milestones.


Royal Express was founded with its first office at 41st Botahtaung Township Street in Yangon, Myanmar. Indeed, the company began by providing traditional mail services to customers who required a swift, safe, and secure means of sending their order parcels, commodities, and mail. 

The services generally included the processing and delivering of business letters, magazines, journals, embassy handouts, invitation cards, and more. Despite being a new entrant in the market, Royal Express quickly gained traction, earning the trust and satisfaction of its customers.


Subsequently, In 2004, the company expanded its operations. It started a new and modified office in Pazundaung Town under the name “Royal Express Services,” which has been synonymous with exceptional customer service ever since. 

Simultaneously, Royal Express Tracking also opened an office in Mandalay, which is located in Upper Myanmar. Hence, this strategic move allowed the Royal Express better to serve its customers in the country’s northern region.

Specifically, with the new office in Mandalay, Royal Express Tracking was able to offer its full range of logistics services to businesses and individuals in the area. The opening of the Mandalay office also enabled Royal Service company to establish stronger relationships with local partners and suppliers.

 Indeed, this helped the company better understand the unique logistics challenges businesses face in Upper Myanmar.  Hence the company develops customized and realistic solutions to meet Upper Myanmar customer needs accordingly.


After that, In 2006, Royal Express Tracking opened its 2nd branch in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar. Specifically, Royal Worldwide Express Service presented the 1st Express Service, which included a twenty times money-back guarantee. 

Indeed This innovative new service is a testament to its confidence and commitment to delivering fast, reliable shipping options and quality services. Surprisingly the service was well-received by many clients, such as industries, embassies, NGOs, and government and administration bodies across Myanmar.

On the one hand, with the 20-time guarantee, Royal Express promised to deliver shipments within a specified timeframe. On the other hand, the customer would receive a refund. In the long run, this obligation to provide timely, accurate, and reliable service helped to establish Royal Express Tracking as a boss in the logistics industry in Myanmar.


As soon as the company’s reputation grew, Royal Express Courier Tracking acquired a registration and enrollment number for its business in 2009 (2009-2010/ R1267). 

In the meantime, it received an express Tracking service license from the Myanmar Government in 2013 (RSP). These recognitions were proof of the company’s unwavering commitment to giving consistent, high-quality services.

Royal Express Tracking and RE Logistics cater to a diverse clientele, such as embassies, private organizations, clubs, ministry offices, government, NGOs, and companies. With a robust nationwide network, the company covers the 1st 65 significant cities in the country as of July 2018. 

In particular, the company has around 270 full-time skilled and professional employees. It has familiarized a part-time senior and well-established agenda for retired and old employees to honor their contribution and assistance to the workload, crew, and society.

Royal Express Tracking Service strives To close the distance between Myanmar and the surrounding nations,  underscoring its commitment to its clients and the community.


Subsequently, In 2012, Royal Express Tracking expanded its operations again by opening an office in Taunggyi in Shan State, Myanmar. Indeed, this strategic action allowed the Royal Express to serve its clients in the country’s eastern region competently.

The opening of the Taunggyi office also enabled Royal Express to establish stronger relationships with local partners and suppliers. This helped the company better understand the unique logistics challenges businesses face in Shan State and develop customized solutions to meet their needs.

Since opening its office in Taunggyi, Royal Express Delivery Service has continued to grow and expand its operations throughout Myanmar. Unquestionably, its expansion into Shan State has allowed it to serve a broader range of customers more efficiently and effectively.


After that, in 2013, Royal Express obtained a Service Provider authorization and license from the Myanmar government. The approval is an essential requirement for any logistics company operating in Myanmar.

 In brief, it ensures that the company meets specific quality benchmarks and adherence to government regulations. This helped the company to build trust and credibility with its customers and to establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy logistics provider in Myanmar.


Subsequently, In 2016, Royal Express Tracking Service could offer its full range of logistics services with the new office in Bangkok. It serves businesses and individuals in Thailand, including international and domestic courier services, air and sea freight forwarding, Mileage Delivery, warehousing Secure Storage, and distribution, Cargo inspection, and customs clearance.

The opening of the Bangkok office also enabled Royal Express Service to establish stronger relationships with local partners and suppliers and better understand the unique logistics challenges businesses face in Thailand.


Meanwhile, In 2018, Royal Express incorporated its existing operations. In order to enhance the efficiency and significance of its logistics services, it introduced a customized and latest IT system.

The new IT system enabled Royal Express Service to streamline its logistics operations, from tracking and tracing packages to managing inventory and customs clearance. This automation helped reduce manual errors and delays while increasing the speed and accuracy of logistics processes.

In addition to improving its internal operations, the new IT system helped improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and establish greater trust and credibility with customers. 

Royal Tracking Core Services

Swift Dispatch Mail Service: Prompt Delivery for Urgent Needs

Dispatch Mail Service is a specialized mailing service that prioritizes urgent and time-sensitive deliveries. Hence, it ensures prompt collection, processing, and delivery of mail items to meet tight deadlines.

In brief, the process involves quickly dispatching mail from the sender’s location to the nearest distribution center. From there, the mail is sorted and assigned to the appropriate transportation mode based on urgency and destination. 

Indeed, Royal Express Tracking and SRD Logistics dispatch mail services employ efficient logistics and tracking systems. Hence, it monitors and updates the real-time status of the mail, ensuring reliable and expedited delivery. Businesses and individuals widely use this service to quickly and securely deliver essential documents and time-critical communications.

Efficient Bulk Mail Solutions: Streamline Your Mailing Process

Bulk mail delivery refers to the process of sending a large volume of mail or parcels to multiple recipients simultaneously. It involves grouping and sorting the items based on specific criteria, such as location or postal codes, to optimize efficiency.

Royal Express Bulk mail items include bulk invitation letters for celebrations and social events, periodicals, adverts, meetings, reminders, monthly bills for things like electricity, samples of goods, publications, and journals.

Bulk mail delivery surprisingly works by leveraging automated sorting systems and specialized equipment to streamline the sorting and distribution process. Specifically, this enables faster and more cost-effective delivery than individually sending each item. 

Summing up 

Unquestionably, Royal Express Tracking has become a leading logistics provider in Myanmar since 2002. Hence, with customer satisfaction as a top priority, the company expanded by opening branch offices, including one in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Furthermore, Holding a Registered Service Provider license from the Myanmar government and being a member of the Myanmar Freight Forwarders Association, Royal Express Service upholds high service quality and shipment safety standards. 

Royal Express Addresses

Place: Harakh Township
Address: Harakh City General Street neighborhood Chin State Number(172);
Phone: 09765066605 / 09457496141 
Place: Lại Kạo Township
Address: State of Kayah Shansu Ward My0vdi Road Number(52)
Phone:  09768632915 / 09457691795 
Place: Bangkok
Address: Bangkok
Phone:  +6620583117
Place: farkrant township
Address: The temple Pharkant Beside Big street of the bird Bird’s eye view township Kachin State Number (35)
Phone:  09765434752
Place: bhanmaw township
Address: Kachin State Vanmaw Township.
Phone:  09765639074
Place: Cantonment Township
Address: Cantonment Township The old Yangon-Miant Road Shaipinsai Lighthouse, Near Naypyidaw
Phone:  09765066602
Address: (3) The city of Naypyidaw before the Happy Land school.
Phone:  09765400752
Place: Sad Gaya Township
Address: Mạgwé Region Sad Gaya Township
Phone: 09765467831
Place: Sad Gaya Township
Address:Mạgwé Region Sad Gaya Township
Phone: 09765467831
Place: Star Head
Address: Star Head
Phone:  09765402803
Place: War City
Address: sitvwe township In front of the State Education Office Mayyu Street
Phone:  09762167804
Place: War City
Address: Sitvwe township In front of the State Education Office Mayyu Street
Phone:  09762167804
Place: City
Address: City Mon State.
Phone:  09765467836
Place: City
Address: City Mon State.
Phone:  09765467836
Address: Kankhoj WardPhulay Road township No. (167-B)
Phone: 09452596687  09765400739 
Address: Kankhoj WardPhulay Road township No.(167-B)
Phone: 09452596687  09765400739 
Place: Bahān Township
Address: Eyes closed in front of the theatre Langguo fire point Wave degree junction Karen State.
Phone:  09765400741
Place: Bahān Township
Address: Eyes closed in front of the theater Langguo fire point Wave degree junction Karen State.
Phone:  09765400741
Place: Khyo Pingkuk Township
Address:; Pakhu region west city road Number(316)
Phone:  09765222891
Place: Nyaung Laipen Township
Address: Nyaung Laipin Pakhu region township
Phone:  09765066604
Address: Between (65) Street and (66) Street Mandalay Region ground floor Road(30) Point(X-1)
Phone:  09765409624
Place: Kath Township
Address: Sagaing Region Township.
Phone:  09765409630
Place: Myunmu Township
Address: Sagaing Region Horse Township.
Phone:  09765688279
Place: Manchho Township
Address: Shan State Manchho Township
Phone:  09765635258
Place: Manchho Township
Address: Shan State Manchho Township
Phone:  09765635258
Place: KAN GIDISO township
Address: Irrawaddy region kan bigiọng township
Phone:  09765635254
Place: Kyuylat Township
Address: Irrawaddy region Kyuylat township
Phone:  09765222897
Place: Kyauktan Township
Address: Kyauktan Township Yangon Region. The Way of Integrity (Near bank); No. 79
Phone:  09765481614
Place: Sanchao Township
Address: Main Street Corner (4) before school Central Street and Spring Township Yangon.Number(164);
Phone:  09765420109


Royal Express Service offers an extensive network of services and benefits to meet your delivery needs. We cover you with express delivery, bulk mail, dispatch service, Last mile solutions, and direct marketing services.

Absolutely! Royal Express Service specializes in handling bulk mail delivery with precision and care. Our efficient processes ensure that your marketing materials, invoices, and large mail volumes are processed and delivered promptly.

Our direct marketing solutions are tailored to your needs, leveraging data-driven insights, personalized messaging, and optimized delivery methods. Experience the power of targeted communication to engage your audience and drive results.

Royal Express Tracking Service was launched in 2002.

Royal Express Service has steadily grown its operations, opening branches across Myanmar since its establishment. Further expanding internationally with a branch headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2016.

Royal Express Tracking Service stands out with its commitment and loyalty to customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by our 20 Times Money Back Guarantee on our express service and dedication to maintaining a leading market position in the industry.

Royal Express Service holds a Registered Service Provider (RSP) license from the Myanmar government, recognizing our high service quality standards. Additionally, we are a member of the Myanmar Freight Forwarders Association.

With a strong nationwide network, Royal Express Tracking Service enfolds the first 65 major states in Myanmar, ensuring efficient, superb, and reliable deliveries nationwide.

Royal Express Service serves various clients, including embassies, clubs, government and ministry offices, NGOs, private organizations, and companies from various sectors.

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