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SEQUEL Tracking’s responsibility to provide safe and dedicated logistics solutions has earned it a reputation as one of India’s leading logistics providers.

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5th Main, L-374, HSR Layout, Sector 6, Bengaluru, 560102

Phone Number: 
+91 9019024444


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Our History, as well as achievements from time to time


SEQUEL Logistics was established in 2004. Correspondingly, the same year, The business began offering Tata Group in-plant warehousing and logistics services’ Watch division in Hosur.

Sequel Logistics immediately expanded its operations in North India by establishing a new office in Dehradun. Emphatically, this enabled the company to provide logistics services to a wider regional customer base.

At the same time, Sequel Logistics also started providing in-plant supply chain and logistics services and assistance for one of the most famous and prominent companies known as “Tata Group’s Accessories and Jewellery.” Indeed, this was a significant milestone for the company and helped establish its presence in the logistics industry of India.


Subsequently, In 2005, Sequel Logistics Pvt Ltd unquestionably expanded its services by introducing contract well-organized warehousing solutions. Hence, SEQUEL Tracking established its first and foremost distribution center for fashion brands and accessories. Indeed, this accomplishment represents a noteworthy landmark in SEQUEL’s growth trajectory.

Furthermore, Sequel Logistics 247 initiated in-plant trustworthy logistics services for a big name, “Ashok Leyland.” Most importantly, it provided warehousing and transportation solutions for many firms like TVS Motors, enhancing its market position and expanding its customer base. 

Unquestionably these strategic partnerships have contributed to Sequel Logistics’ success as a dependable and reputable logistics partner in India. 

Consequently, Sequel Logistics has built a solid reputation for delivering advanced logistics solutions to clients in India as well as abroad. In the long run, The company focuses on technology, innovation, sustainability, and adaptability to achieve this.


After that, In 2006, Sequel Logistics Tracking continued to expand its services by introducing a new logistics service called Sequel Secure. Generally, this service specializes in transporting and handling precious cargo. Hence, it gives customers high security and reliability when transporting valuable items.

Straightaway Sequel Logistics established secured hubs in the top 5 states in India to support this new service. In brief, this enabled the company to provide end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions for its customers, from transportation to warehousing and distribution.

In addition, Sequel Logistics expanded its network reach to 32 cities and villages across India. So this further strengthened its status as a top logistics and supply chain provider in the nation.


In 2007, Sequel 247 Tracking continued to invest in technology by designing, testing, and implementing its WMS. This Warehouse Management strategy helped the company to streamline its operations in a well-organized manner and provide customers with authentic, more efficient, and accurate warehousing solutions.

Simultaneously, Sequel Logistics Tracking and Speedex expanded its services by commencing warehousing solutions and forward stocking in 10 major cities for a large, well-established eyewear retailer. Unquestionably this strategic partnership helped the company to establish a strong presence in the eyewear logistics market.  

Furthermore, Sequel Logistics initiated milk-run procedures and operations to serve tier-II & tier-III cities in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for jewelry logistics. In the long run, this expansion enabled Sequel to reach and target a more accurate and extended customer base.  And in the meantime, provide cost-effective and efficient logistics solutions to smaller towns and cities.


Subsequently, In 2008, Sequel Tracking continued to innovate and expand its services by introducing a new time-sensitive and cost-saving logistics service called Sequel Direct. Explicitly this service helps to provide customers with a fast and reliable transportation solution for time-critical shipments.

Straightaway Sequel Logistics Tracking implemented ECDS, its proprietary shipment and package management software, to support this new service. Indeed, this system helped the company manage shipments directly and more efficiently.

Consequently, it gives clients real-time visibility and control of their order shipments in due time.

Furthermore, Sequel Tracking established a “Central Command base and centre” in Bangalore for handling and monitoring shipments. Surprisingly, this enabled SEQUEL to track shipments more accurately and respond quickly to any issues or delays.


Subsequently 2009, Sequel Logistics Tracking and Pavan Courier company continued to boost its operations, services, and network in India. Significantly Sequel Tracking established secured hubs in the top 22 spots. Hence, these well-maintained hubs allowed Sequel to provide its customers with secure warehousing and distribution solutions.

Sequel Tracking’s network reach was also expanded significantly to almost 90 towns in India. In brief, it gives them a wider market presence and enables them to offer logistics solutions to more customers nationwide.

Furthermore, Sequel Logistics introduced a new service in 2009 – Sequel EcoDrive, a reverse and return logistics service. In the long run, this service was designed to help customers manage the recovery of their products in an eco-friendly manner, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.


In the meantime, In 2012, Sequel Tracking undertook a specialized Life-science (related to life and health care) logistics service.  Equally important, this new service was designed to provide safe and reliable transportation of temperature-sensitive and high-value products, such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and biotech products.

Furthermore, Sequel Logistics Tracking established an exclusive and reliable logistics association with India’s most extensive company, named Cord Blood Storage. Surprisingly, this strategic partnership enabled the company to offer tailored logistics solutions to the stem cell banking industry, including transporting umbilical cord blood samples.

In addition, Sequel Logistics went live online with R6 ERP SAP, implementing all 4 methods of FICO, MM, SD, and HR. Specifically, this enterprise resource planning software helped SEQUEL to supervise its operations more precisely. In brief, it provides real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments, inventory management, and financial reporting.


Subsequently, In 2013, Sequel Tracking and RE Logistics continued to develop its warehousing, logistics services, packaging solutions, and operations. Coupled with The company established an operational connection with FedEx to export low-value courier (LVC) movement.

Unquestionably, this strategic partnership enabled the company to offer its customers reliable and cost-effective export services, providing them access to FedEx’s global network and expertise.

Furthermore, Sequel Logistics initiated D&J’s multinational operations, expanding its services to the global market. Correspondingly this new venture allowed the company to provide logistics solutions for transporting high-value and time-sensitive products. These products include such as electronics, apparel, and pharmaceuticals.


After that, In 2014, Sequel Logistics earned significant milestones in its growth and expansion strategy. Equally important, Sequel Global company completed the investment of G4S. It is markedly known as India’s system of cash management assets. 

Unquestionably G4S has strengthened its position as a top provider of secure and trustworthy logistics solutions in India. Consequently, this investment stimulated SEQUEL Tracking to expand its services, for instance, cash transportation, vaulting, and ATM replenishment.

Furthermore, Sequel Global started bullion operations, providing secure logistics solutions for transporting and storing precious metals and high-value assets. For the most part, this new service was designed to meet customers’ specific needs in the bullion industry. 


Thereupon, In 2015, Sequel Tracking continued its expansion into the global logistics market by setting up fully-owned subsidiaries in two key locations: Antwerp and New York. Undoubtedly, this strategic move allowed the company to leverage its expertise in specialized logistics services better to serve customers in the United States and Europe.

Hence establishing these subsidiaries provided Sequel Tracking with a platform to offer its customers various logistics solutions. For instance, these solutions include customs brokerage, Outbound shipping, freight forwarding, order fulfilment, distribution rail shipment, Inventory management, and warehousing services. 

Sequel Logistics was well-positioned to meet the growing demand of its clients from time to time. As an illustration, Sequel offers reliable and efficient logistics services with its presence in two of the world’s major logistics hubs.


Most importantly, In 2016, Sequel Logistics enhanced its service offerings through strategic alliances and acquisitions of technology. For instance, Sequel partnered with Loomis International, a leading provider of fast logistics solutions. Unquestionably Loomis proved a great partner to enhance its D&J international coupled with bullion operations.

As a result, this partnership allowed Sequel Logistics to leverage Loomis International’s global network and expertise.  Indeed it helps to provide customers with improved security & reliability for their high-value assets.

Additionally, Sequel Tracking undertook a SEQUEL247. In short, the portal allowed customers to track shipments, manage inventory, and view transaction history, among other features. Unquestionably, this investment in technology demonstrated Sequel Logistics’ commitment. For instance, it provides its customers with innovative solutions to help them manage their logistics operations more efficiently and effectively.


Correspondingly, In 2017, Sequel Tracking continued its expansion through strategic acquisitions and investments in technology. Significantly, Sequel acquired a well-known name, “Lemuir Secure Services,” India’s leading trustworthy, secure, seamless logistics solutions provider. 

Undoubtedly, this acquisition allowed Sequel to boost its portfolio and brace its position in India’s logistics market. The most compelling evidence is that the acquisition also brought a wealth of experience and expertise in the secure logistics industry.

Additionally, Sequel Logistics launched the SEQUEL247. It is a  mobile app that gives customers real-time access to logistics information on their mobile devices. For instance, the app allowed customers to track shipments, manage inventory, and view transaction history, among other features, all while on the go. 


Subsequently, in 2018, Sequel Tracking expanded its specialized logistics services through new initiatives and projects. 

For instance, The company inaugurated its top-notch bullion vaulting service at the Kandla FTWZ. Significantly this facility has the latest security systems to provide customers with secure storage solutions for their precious metals and other valuable assets.

In addition, Sequel Logistics straightaway commenced the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) scheme under its subsidiary, Sequel LifeCare. Specifically, this project aims to provide logistics and warehousing support for distributing medical supplies and equipment to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in India.

Surprisingly these new initiatives and projects demonstrated Sequel Global Tracking’ continued commitment and dedication to providing its buyers with innovative, specialized logistics solutions. 

Unquestionably, Sequel Tracking has solidified its position as a leader and moderator in the logistics industry by investing in top facilities.

Additionally, the company has partnered with organizations to address critical healthcare issues.


Particularly in 2020, Sequel Logistics Tracking continued to expand its bullion storage facilities with the inauguration of a new vaulting facility. Significantly the inauguration occurred at the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) Free Trade and Warehousing Zone (FTWZ).

Above all, the GIFT City facility is the second of its kind for Sequel Logistics and has state-of-the-art security systems. Correspondingly it ensures the safe storage of precious metals and assets.


At this instant 2021, Sequel Logistics Tracking achieved some noteworthy milestones. IFSCA specifically selected Sequel Tracking as the first-ever vault manager for the International Bullion Exchange at GIFT City. 

Unquestionably, this appointment further strengthened Sequel Tracking’s position as a trusted custodian of precious assets. Simultaneously, Sequel signed an agreement of 3 years with the Indian Government Mint, highlighting government institutions’ confidence in Sequel’s capabilities.

Above all, the Finance Minister of India visited Sequel Logistics’ bullion vaulting storage structure at FTWZ GIFT City, recognizing the company’s contribution to developing India’s logistics industry.

Surprisingly these achievements showcased Sequel’ continued growth, commitment, and loyalty to facilitate its customers with secure, steadfast, and effective solutions.


In 2022, Sequel Logistics achieved significant milestones. For instance, it received authorization from the SEBI to serve as a designation of a Vault Manager at the DGSE. To grow its position as a top provider of secure vaulting solutions for precious metals in India.

Meanwhile, Sequel Logistics also launched India’s first-ever blockchain operations solution and benefits for digital gold. Particularly it provides customers with secure, on-time, transparent, and hassle-free transactions. This solution highlights the company’s focus on technology-driven logistics solutions.

Furthermore, Sequel Logistics successfully shipped the first consignment under UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA). Indeed in this way, Sequel Showcases its capabilities as a trusted logistics partner for cross-border trade.

Indeed, these accomplishments are a testament to Sequel Logistics’ growth and commitment to delivering innovative logistics solutions and maintaining excellence in the industry.

Company Detail Sequel Tracking

Legal Name


Date of Incorporation

Incorporation Date
India Cities Covered

GST number

GST Number
Here it is  24AAHCS9813P2ZO

CIN Number


Registration No

Registration Number
It is 043772


50 Crore

Listed Status

Listing Status


Shares Limited.

Class of Company






Sub Category

Sub Category + Strength

Taxpayer Type


Paid up Capital

Paid up capital

Authorized Capital

Authorized Capital

Age of Company

19 years

Business Activity

1. Sequel LifeCare
2. Vault Manager
3. Service Provision
4. Commenced N
5. Sequel Tracking
6. ATM Replenishment
7. MCA provider
8. Manufacturing
9. Cash Transportation
10. Warehousing
11. G4S System
12. Road Transportation


Business Place
GSTIN 08AAHCS9813P1ZJ State Code = 08
Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 04AAHCS9813P1ZR State Code = 04
Status = Suspended
Business Place
State Code = 06 Status = Active
Business Place
= Delhi
GSTIN 07AAHCS9813P1ZL Code = 07
Status = Active
Business Place
GSTIN 32AAHCS9813P1ZS State Code = 32
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 29 Status = Active
Business Place
Madhya Pradesh
GSTIN 23AAHCS9813P1ZR State Code = 23
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 22
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 03 Status = Active
GSTIN 20AAHCS9813P1ZX State Code = 20
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 05
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 27 Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 10
Status = Active
Business Place
Uttar Pradesh
State Code = 09
Status = Active
Business Place
Tamil Nadu
State Code = 33 Status = Active
Business Place
Andhra Pradesh
State Code = 37
Status = Active
Business Place
West Bengal
State Code = 19
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 24 Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 01
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 18
Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 29 Status = Active
Business Place
State Code = 24
Status = Canceled
Business Place
State Code = 11
Status = Suspended

Core Services: SEQUEL Tracking

  • Armored Service.
  • Return Management.
  • Finalized product collection.
  • D&J supply chain.
  • Inter-warehouse transfers.
  • E-commerce.
  •  API integration.
  • B2C services.
  • COD.
  • Locked Vaults facility.
  • Surveillance systems include defender safes, restricted keyways, RCC walls, hydraulic automatic doors, movement detection, panic switches, smoke sensors, alarm systems, and bulletproof glass.
  • Secure Transportation of heavy-duty and fragile assets, dore bars, credit cards, and precious metals.
  • Risk management to avoid threats.
  • Complete compliance.
  • Flawless and ideal track record.
  • Vault Manager at IFSCA.
  • Bullion Trading, safekeeping, and withdrawing.
  • Create EGR.
  • FTWZ.
  • The sequel proved an efficient gateway and top-notch entry point for imported bullion.
  • Sequel significantly has a 50 crore net worth.
  • Tax Exemption.
  • Sequel LifeCare.
  • Handling of perishable, dangerous, hazardous, and radioactive goods.

Summing up,

Unquestionably, Sequel Tracking’s expansion into the international market demonstrated its loyalty to delivering its customer’s access to global logistics networks and expertise.     

Furthermore, Sequel Logistics’ focus on strategic acquisitions and specialized services has helped the company to establish itself as a trusted partner for businesses with complex logistics needs. 


Chandra Bose Road Kolkata -700014 Acharya Jagdish, 76 C
Shastri Nagar, Durga Bhavan, Jammu – 180004 House No. 380.
Industrial Area, , Malviya Nagar, Sunder Industries, F17-A, Jaipur – 312017,
New Delhi – 110037 ACLC 2 Site,   International Airport = Indira Gandhi Unit Number, S35, S36 ACLC 2 Facility.
Ring Road, Pantnagar – 263153, Rudrapur, Door No. A 139,Awas Vikas, Near Gurudwara
Noida – 201301, Sector-63, Ground Floor, Near Police Chowki, C-80
Pradhan Nagar Siligudi 740003 2nd Floor, MAA Suprabha House.
Ring Road, Agra – 282004, No: 43
Ludhiana, Punjab-141002, Model Town, at House No. 81-L, Ground floor
Gobind – Kunj, Civil Lines, Raipur – 492001Block No. 4, 1st Floor,
Gayathri Nagar, First Line, Vijayawada – 520008 No: 59-12-9A,
Puran Nagar Road No. 56C, Lucknow – 226005, Shringar Nagar,
Ranchi – 834001, 3rd Floor, No. 307, Old H.B.Road, “ESTATE PLAZA”
murali nagar, Andhra Pradesh, 530007 Near Verma complex, Industrial estate post, Visakhapatnam, Door No.39-8-9/3, Ground floor, Madhavadhara,
Guwahati – 781007 Kakati Road, Ward No.14, Dr. B.K. Ulubari.
Dist Khurda -A, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneshwar – 751007, Plot No: 248
Hosur – 635109, No. L7& L11, Electrical & Electronic Estate, Veda Vision.
Ground Floor, West Anandpuri, Patna-800 001, Phulwari, West Boring Canal Road, House No. 10
Kattunilathu House , Ponnurunni, Vyttila S.O., , Kerala 682019, Door No. 53/2543 B, Ernakulam.
Polytechnic, Opp. To Govt. Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore – 641014, Ground Floor, No.1708.


Our specialized expertise in time-critical life science shipments, temperature-controlled packaging, advanced technology solutions, Dangerous goods handling, experienced personnel, and comprehensive security measures set us apart as a leader in the logistics industry.

We have strategically located facilities across India, including specialized Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZ) for long-term storage and bullion trading. We also have a global reach for shipment delivery.

Sequel Tracking uses a variety of advanced technology solutions to provide our services, including ERP SAP R/6, integration, proprietary software, client web portals, interfaces, secure data depository, monitoring and tracking, and a mobile application service.

Sequel Logistics provides temperature-controlled and secure logistics services and packaging solutions for all types of products to maintain product integrity. 

Our services cover various temperature requirements, including:

(no temperature control) Ambient products.

Refrigerated and cooled products (2 to 8 degrees)

Controlled ambient commodities (15 to 25 degrees Celsius)

Liquid nitrogen-requiring pre-packaged packages (-196°C)

(-20 to -80°C) frozen goods

Sequel Logistics has a presence across India and provides domestic, local, and multinational logistics services. Its global network covers major continents such as Europe, Asia, the USA, and Africa.

Sequel Tracking provides specialized services through its division, Sequel LifeCare, to handle time-critical healthcare and life shipments. Its team comprises experienced management, well-trained experts, and a working operations unit with around 10 years of specialized experience. The company also performs comprehensive background verification on all personnel and offers personalized shipment services that reach over 305 cities in India and around the world. 

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